Radiological Substances Compliance • RadEcol Consulting
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Radiological Substances Compliance

Radiological Substances Compliance

Our Experience

We have worked for Sellafield Ltd, Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, Magnox Ltd, Springfields Fuels Ltd, URENCO UK Ltd, Capenhurst Nuclear Services Ltd, URENCO ChemPlants Ltd and a number of leading nuclear engineering and consultancy businesses. This experience includes:


  • Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) support on Radioactive Substances Regulation (RSR) permit compliance under EPR10 and RSA93.
  • RSR Permit and Installation Permit application development and support for nuclear facilities (including authorship and peer review).
  • Development of Integrated Waste Strategies (IWS) and Integrated Waste and (nuclear) Material Management Arrangements.
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) and Environmental Management System (EMS) development. This includes support in nuclear facility ISO 14001 compliance.
  • Development of Radioactive Waste Management Arrangements (RWMA).
  • Technical support in development of radioactive waste and (nuclear) material submissions for the UK Radioactive Waste and Material Inventory (UK RWMI).

  • BAT/BPM/BPEO optioneering and optimisation studies (including leadership of multi-attribute decision analysis workshops) for nuclear materials and radioactive waste management. This includes development of client procedures for BAT demonstration, production of new build facility level BAT cases and delivery of optioneering to support contaminated facility decommissioning planning.
  • Evaluation of regulatory requirements and interpretation and delivery of assessment approaches to meet these requirements.
  • Facility and site level decommissioning strategy and plan development (including quantification of decommissioning waste arisings).
  • Development of radiological and chemical fingerprint documents and waste characterisation and monitoring arrangements.
  • Corporate Radioactive Waste Adviser procedure development.
  • Delivery of Duty of Care audits for third party waste disposal.

As example, our staff have supported operators at the Capenhurst site over the last two decades and RadEcol is engaged by all three URENCO operators on the Capenhurst site. This includes RSR support in new facility development, enrichment operations and facility decommissioning and land remediation.


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