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Radiological Impact Assessment

Radiological Impact Assessment

Our Experience

Our experience includes work for Defra, Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (now part of the Environmental Protection Agency), Radioactive Waste Management Ltd, Posiva Oy (Finland), SKB (Sweden), Sellafield Ltd, Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, Magnox Ltd, Springfields Fuels Ltd, URENCO UK Ltd, GE Healthcare, two new nuclear build operators, the NHS, water utility and waste management businesses, and a number of leading nuclear engineering and consultancy businesses. This experience includes:


  • Technical authorship and peer review of operator radiological impact assessments and Operational Environmental Safety Assessments and regulatory reviews associated with RSR compliance and Article 37 data needs.
  • Development and application of coupled environmental dispersion and public and non-human biota dose assessment tools associated with aqueous and gaseous releases of radioactivity (both short-term and continuous releases).
  • Development and application of assessment tools to assess public and non-human biota dose associated with solid waste disposal.

  • Sampling and monitoring to assess levels of radioactivity in the environment and determination of the retrospective public dose exposure.
  • Modelling of representative person prospective radiological exposure from aqueous and gaseous emission of radioactivity and direct radiation for comparison against the source and site dose constraint and the public dose limit.
  • Modelling of Collective Dose and non-human biota dose rates.
  • Worker dose assessment associated with remediation and use of land with radioactive contamination and disposal of dredged sediments.
  • Support in the development of pre-operational environmental surveys to baseline site-specific conditions.


Our staff have supported the Environment Agency in prospective radiological assessments as part of the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) for the Westinghouse AP1000 and AREVA EPR reactor designs and for periodic reviews of Sizewell B and Heysham I and II sites and to develop and deliver a bespoke assessment for historic discharges from the Trawsfynydd Magnox site.

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