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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Our Experience

Our experience includes work for the Radioactive Waste Management Ltd (RWM), Posiva (Finland), SKB (Sweden) and multiple other international organisations and regulators through the BIOPROTA International Forum. It also includes work in the UK associated with landfill disposal of radioactive waste.


  • Working with clients to support the identification and selection of appropriate targets for demonstration of environmental protection including review and interpretation of environmental protection objectives.
  • Collation and derivation of parameters to support biota dose assessments.
  • Provision of non-human biota dose rate assessments in support of permit and licence applications and operational and post-closure safety case development for shallow and deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.
  • Interpretation of non-human biota dose rate assessment output against national and international criteria.

  • Development of bespoke assessments to address specific regulatory requirements, including application of assessment methods into new software tools.
  • Supporting clients in responding to regulatory scrutiny of their environmental protection assessments.
  • Provision of watching briefs on developments in international programmes relating to environmental protection from ionising radiation.
  • Support in the design of biosphere site characterisation programmes to support biota dose assessment needs.


Our staff have led the biota dose assessment in support of the Construction Licence submission by Posiva for a Finnish geological disposal facility for spent nuclear fuel and are continuing to support in the development of their operational licence submission. They have also supported SKB in addressing regulator comments and queries on their biota dose assessment for the Safety Case submission for the proposed Swedish repository for spent nuclear fuel.

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